I've gone to PAX East every year since 2018 and since pin trading is a thing there, I wanted to make some kickass pins to have and trade this year. So, being an electrical engineer, I went the super nerdy route and made the pins using PCBs. I've done this for a few events already and so they're pretty easy and quick thing for me to make.

Yes, I realize that the word "disappointment" is misspelled. That's intentional. I used to play a lot of Katamari Damacy on PS2. I loved the game- the play, the art, the humor. It was a wonderful experience. This pin captures the feeling of being judged for rolling a katamari that's way too small. The LED on the prince's antenna will be dimly lit for maximum effect.

Have you ever had the experience of wandering the wasteland in Fallout and you decide to head back to "civilization" by fast traveling only to find that there's some mysterious enemy stalking you? Yeah. It can be anxiety inducing. Especially if you're near deathclaw territory. My goal for this design was to evoke a little bit of that anxiety in real life. I'll be programming the ATTiny to wait a while and then intensely blink the six LEDs around the edges of the pin for a bit and then restart the sequence.

I think this may become a yearly PAX tradition. We'll have to see!

Github: http://github.com/fsckyou/paxpin