I've never wanted to go out and do social things more than I do now. I know everyone must be feeling this way, but I'm trying my hardest to remain away from others to prevent spreading of this pandemic. I just wish others would try to do the same. It feels like with all these local businesses reopening, people are acting like the pandemic is over, which is not the case! In fact, today saw the single greatest increase in cases in the US and there are still people out there who demand to not take simple precautions to help slow down the spread.

Yesterday, I saw folks shopping in local businesses without a mask. This is so discourteous to everybody else and I don't understand why anyone wouldn't simply put a piece of cloth on their face. It baffles me.

On a happy note, my wife and I  were able to get out of the house for a few hours today to celebrate a friend's birthday in person. We stayed outdoors and 6+ feet away from our friends. A fantastic evening with great conversation, a decent fire, and delicious goodies. Quite therapeutic.

Tomorrow I'm going to be getting out of the house again to talk with a friend from Spark about a project he's working on. Again, this will be outdoors and socially distant. I'm looking forward to it.